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  Balloffet International, LLC (BI) is an environmental engineering and planning firm providing professional services throughout the U.S. and worldwide. The firm, with its predecessor, Balloffet and Associates, Inc. (B&A), has over 17 years of experience in environmental impact analysis, multi-media environmental studies, water resources planning, civil engineering, and hazardous material and waste management. BI maintains its principal office in Fort Collins, Colorado

  B&A, founded in 1986, earned reputation for high-quality technical expertise in environmental studies, transportation and land use planning, and engineering services. Staff technical expertise includes environmental analyses, water resources, hydrology, socioeconomics, land use planning, air quality and noise studies, and transportation planning.

Since its inception, BI has performed a wide variety of services for numerous international organizations, notably the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank,the African Development Bank, UNDP, UNEP, and others. BI also serves local, state,and federal agencies in the USA.

BI specializes in:

  • evaluation of environmental policy, operations, and institutions
  • environmental impact assessment and compliance‚Ķ supporting sustainable infrastructure in the water, energy, and transport sectors
  • water supply master planning
  • air quality studies
  • water quality assessments
  • NEPA and CEQA review and compliance in the US
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